Software I wrote

by Ploum


I’m currently mostly working on Offpunk, a command-line browser for the web, Gemini and Gopher. It works offline and also serves as my RSS reader

Screenshot of Offpunk
Screenshot of Offpunk

I wrote a python static generator for this website. It takes Gemini files and translate them into HTML.

Personal config

Older projects

I co-created Getting Things GNOME! in 2009 and maintained it until 2014. GTG is still actively developped by others. I also created the liblarch python library.

As a writer and an engineer, I like to explore how technology impacts society. You can subscribe by email or by rss. I value privacy and never share your adress.

If you read French, you can support me by buying/sharing/reading my books and subscribing to my newsletter in French or RSS. I also develop Free Software.