Gpager 0.3 « Scenes From a Memory – Finally Free »

by Ploum on 2009-10-13

Gpager is a GPLv2 libwnck pager that just float on your desktop, allowing you to do anything you were doing with you panel pager but bigger and stronger.

Back in 2005-2006, my good friend Patrick Rácz developed a small pager for the GNOME desktop. Since then, I’ve been an happy user of this little application, recompiling it with every Ubuntu release. In fact, I just cannot live without it anymore.

We thought that it might be helpful to other and, for years, we said : « we should publish it ». Today, after fixing some small bugs, I’m proud to announce the release of Gpager 0.3 « Scenes From a Memory – Finally Free ». I created a Launchpad project and even an Ohloh page.

GPager 0.3 with human theme
GPager 0.3 with human theme

Using Gpager is really simple :

Pager properties have to be set independently in gconf or by adding a pager to a panel and going in its properties menu (not really handy, I admit).

Dedicating already a lot of time to Getting Things GNOME!, I do not have any plan to further develop Gpager. But I will gladly merge patches or solve small bugs that might be reported.

Testing gpager from trunk is a simple matter of :

Alternatively, you can download 0.3 tarball.

I’m open to any suggestion and I really hope to see something similar to gpager in gnome-shell.

Packages for Ubuntu Karmic are available in the PPA.

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