Be angry against institutions, be nice to people

by Ploum on 2022-10-10

As a society, most of our problems, our lack of progress and our tendency to self-destruction seems to lie in the fact that we always submit to institutions, we play nice with more-than-human administrations, we accept being bullied, humiliated. All of that because we believe we don’t have the choice. Because we are convinced that institutions are always stronger than us.

Subsequently, we project all our hatred, our angriness against our fellow humans. We bow to the institutions while fighting our fellows.

But institutions are created by humans. They have no objective reality. There are just virtual inventions that exist in our minds because we believe in them. We call them countries, governments, companies, religions, whatever. Their only power is to manipulate humans in order to make them fight against each other.

If you want to make the world better, be angry against institutions and be nice to people.

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