Conseil 0.2 « Zapopan »

by Ploum on 2007-03-29


I’m happy to announce you the release 0.2 « Zapopan » of Conseil. Conseil is a bug reader and triager for the GNOME desktop. Currently, Launchpad is the only supported bug tracking system.

This release was made possible thanks to the friendship and the huge help of Étienne « We can work together even if we don’t agree » Bersac. Thanks Étienne.

With release 0.2, you can use Conseil as a bug triager for Launchpad. You can search, bookmark, post a comment and open bugs in your web browser.

The next step will be to implement multi-BTS support then the ability to modify a bug and to do advanced search. We are still thinking about that.

Another reccurent question : must Conseil be able to post bugs ? There are already tools to post bugs on Launchpad or bugzilla, but each one is highly specialized. Would it be useful to have a generic bug poster in Conseil ? We don’t know.

Any contribution (code, wiki help, artwork or documentation) is more than welcome ! We are specially looking for a Tango icon and a logo (why not a prettier website ?).

If you have a problem with Conseil 0.2, report a bug and describe precisely how to reproduce it. You can of course also report feature requests or ideas.

Conseil website – 0.2 download – Release notes – Known bugs

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