Conseil 0.0.1 « In The Middle of The Boxes »

by Ploum on 2006-07-07

20.000 squid
20.000 squid

In the eighty-ninth genus of fishes, classed by Lacepede, belonging to the second lower class of bony, characterised by opercules and ronchial membranes, I remarked the scorpaena, the head of which is furnished with spikes, and which has but one dorsal fin; these reatures are covered, or not, with little shells, according to the sub-class to which they belong. The second sub-class gives us specimens of didactyles fourteen or fifteen inches in length, with yellow rays, and heads of a most fantastic appearance. As to the first sub-class, it gives several specimens of that singular looking fish appropriately called a ‘seafrog,’ with large head, sometimes pierced with holes, sometimes swollen with protuberances, bristling with spikes, and covered with tubercles; it has irregular and hideous horns; its body and tail are covered with callosities; its sting makes a dangerous wound; it is both repugnant and horrible to look at.

Conseil, servant of Professor Pierre Aronnax, describing bug #1 in « Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea » of Jules Verne.

I’m happy to announce you the birth of Conseil 0.0.1 « In The Middle of The Boxes » release, a GNOME application aimed to manage bugs on Launchpad (and other BTS in the future, like bugzilla). This include searching, reading, triaging, modifying, commenting, …

I’m developing Conseil as part of my Google Summer of Code. This 0.0.1 is far from usable or even useful at all. It’s only a preview of a preview of a preview beta release to let people know what I am doing. And this is really harder than expected given that there’s NO XML-RPC or whatever in Launchpad ! I’m parsing plain HTML pages and this is ugly[1]. Thank a lot to the people of BeautifulSoup for their wonderful html parser.

Screenshot rev 14
Screenshot rev 14

Screenshot of Conseil rev.14

At the moment, only bug searching and displaying is more or less available. Bookmarks are not stored between sessions ! I know that you are used to beta releases (thanks web 2.0) but this is NOT. This is pre-alpha-unstable-might-crash-your-system-and-kill-your-dog-preview with nearly nothing to see.

Comments, ideas, mockups and bug reports are welcome ! If you are a regular bug triager on Launchpad, you probably have things you want to see or not in such a software. So drop me a word.

Conseil website – 0.0.1 download – Bugs


[1] It’s even uglier once you’ve seen the HTML produced by Launchpad. sigh!

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